Visualizing the subsurface

Visualizing the subsurface up to a depth of 100m

GroundXplorer, is specialised in visualising the subsurface with everything in it by means of 2D and 3D scans based on electrical resistivity.

By applying a unique methodology a higher resolution can be obtained compared to traditional techniques. Most of the time measurements are done up to a depth of 10 to 20 meters, however the technique can be applied up to 100 m depth.

In this way is it possible to know the composition of the subsurface before excavation. As an addition anomalies can be visualized such as cables, pipes, water wells, ancient foundations ….



The mining sector, at home and abroad, can benefit with GroundXplorer. Before the actual mining starts a geological cross-section or even a 3D model can be made​​, from this one can estimate the quantities to exploit and where the regions with the richest ores are located.

The advantages of the GroundXplorer technique are various:

  • More detailed geological knowledge of the subsurface
  • Calculating the volumes to be excavated in a very early stage
    (sometimes before acquisition of the terrain)
  • better planning of the mine
  • reducing the risk for unforeseen circumstances (ex. Sandstone sin sand mines)
  • non-destructive and non-invasive.

Road construction & geotechnical engineering

In road construction and geotechnical engineering this techniques can be of large benefit. The CPT’s and drillings are only 1D information. Before constructions start the subsurface is fully known, this will reduce the risk to have failures afterwards.

Inspection of river banks

This technique was already used to inspect old river banks and to point out the weakest spot in teh river banks. A map can be made to indicate the areas which need reinforcement.


Contaminants  (and their distributions thereof) can be easily detected and mapped with this method. Hence the volume to be remediated can be estimated in advance. This will help to calculate the real remediation cost.

Archaeological research

Our technology also offers advantages for archaeological research: to archaeologists, we can indicate where the interesting locations are, with the great advantage that the processing time of an archaeological research can be significantly reduced.

Non-destructive research

What makes us unique is that we perform a high resolution, non-destructive soil survey: a few small holes (diameter 15 mm) have to be made in the subsurface to connect the measuring device. The surface is also not loaded with  a heavy weight and there are no heavy equipment on site. This implicates that a measurement still can be done even with very limited access to the terrain.

The research results are always tailored to the client and are very detailed. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the technique can be used even last minute. As a company we stand for an open culture of change and adaptation, focusing on the specific needs of the customers.

GroundXplorer ‘s clients are anyone with questions about the subsurface, both individuals and businesses. We  are specialized in the fields of geotechnical engineering (traditional housing construction, industrial construction, road building, infrastructure), environment, archaeology and mining.